It seems that consciousness is not an analog uni-dimensional line, but multi-dimensional

Jonathan Birch, Alexandra K. Schnell, Nicola S. Clayton, Dimensions of Animal Consciousness. Trends in Cognitive Sciences, Volume 24, Issue 10, 2020, Pages 789-801 DOI: 10.1016/j.tics.2020.07.007.

How does consciousness vary across the animal kingdom? Are some animals ‘more conscious’ than others? This article presents a multidimensional framework for understanding interspecies variation in states of consciousness. The framework distinguishes five key dimensions of variation: perceptual richness, evaluative richness, integration at a time, integration across time, and self-consciousness. For each dimension, existing experiments that bear on it are reviewed and future experiments are suggested. By assessing a given species against each dimension, we can construct a consciousness profile for that species. On this framework, there is no single scale along which species can be ranked as more or less conscious. Rather, each species has its own distinctive consciousness profile.

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