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Interesting approach to deal with the design of complex systems based on analogies with simpler ones

Victor Ragusila, M. Reza Emami, Mechatronics by analogy and application to legged locomotion, Mechatronics, Volume 35, May 2016, Pages 173-191, ISSN 0957-4158, DOI: 10.1016/j.mechatronics.2016.02.007.

A new design methodology for mechatronic systems, dubbed as Mechatronics by Analogy (MbA), is introduced. It argues that by establishing a similarity relation between a complex system and a number of simpler models it is possible to design the former using the analysis and synthesis means developed for the latter. The methodology provides a framework for concurrent engineering of complex systems while maintaining the transparency of the system behavior through making formal analogies between the system and those with more tractable dynamics. The application of the MbA methodology to the design of a monopod robot leg, called the Linkage Leg, is also presented. A series of simulations show that the dynamic behavior of the Linkage Leg is similar to that of a combination of a double pendulum and a spring-loaded inverted pendulum, based on which the system kinematic, dynamic, and control parameters can be designed concurrently.