Matlab Toolbox for Control and Simulation of Scorbot ER-V Robots

scorbotp2_fondo_chica The Scorbot ER-V robotic manipulator arms, sold by Intellitek in the early 90s, are still -in their new models and in the oldies, if they still survive- a nice educational tool for Robotics subjects, lying in an intermediate level between real industrial manipulators and low-cost devices.

In this page you can find a Matlab© toolbox (entirely written in Matlab©) that includes a kinematic simulation of these kind of robots and a connection, through RS232 serial port, to a real robot of the old versions. This has served us for recovering and still using these robust machines in a modern environment, even after so many years. It has been reported previously in this paper.

The toolbox is still in a beta version, but it has several nice features already:

  • Faithful kinematic simulation (only poses, not speeds) of the ER-V robotic arm, that includes both direct and inverse kinematic models.
  • Graphical window that shows a wireframe simple 3D model of the robot in simulation mode, with some visual aids such as spatial references.
  • Serial connection to a real ER-V controller to command the robot from Matlab©, that only consumes a position variable in the RAM of the controller (all the other stuff -positions, program logic, etc.- is managed in Matlab©).
  • Easy programming in Matlab© of the robot (both real and simulated) through a basic set of commands and a very simple object-oriented interface.
  • Possibility of controlling both the simulation and the real robot simultaneously, with a single object.


Installation and usage:

  1. Download the sources of the library (zip).
  2. Decompress the file into any accessable MatLab© folder.
  3. Run demo to see a basic demo.
  4. Type help Scorbot to see detailed help of the Scorbot object, its methods and usage.

Here you can see a video of the basic demo that comes with the toolbox: