MatLab Toolbox for the PCI1202 Data Acquisition Board

PCI-1202HUThis library provides Matlab© with access to the high-level functionality of the PCI1202 acquisition board by ICP-DAS. It has been reported previously in this paper.

Currently, the following functions are available:

  • PCI1202_InitDriverAndBoard – initiates the driver and the  first board encountered.
  • PCI1202_CloseDriverAndBoard – finishes accesses to the board PCI1202_ErrorText – gets the description of an error code of  the driver.
  • PCI1202_Delay – performs hardware short delays.
  • PCI1202_SendDA – sends digital data through the digital/analogic  channels.
  • PCI1202_ReadAD – reads digital data from the analogic/digital channels.
  • PCI1202_SendAndRead – simoultaneously sends and reads data to/from analogic channels.
  • PCI1202_PID – implements a PID controller.

For more information on any function, type help <function name>.

Installation and usage:

  1. Download the sources of the library (zip).
  2. Decompress the file into any accessable MatLab folder.
  3. Run mex -setup and then the script dll_compile.
  4. Use help PCI1202 to get further info.