The Project


The CRUMB research project (Cognitive-Robotics-sUpporting Mobile Base) was funded by the University of Málaga officially from May 25, 2015, during 1 year. After that we have continued populating this site with results regarding the CRUMB robot obtained beyond that temporal scope.

This kind of projects of our University, called “bridge research projects”, are associated to other regional projects that do not reach the point of being funded but fall close to it. The bridge projects fund short-duration work and serve mainly for acquiring new equipment. CRUMB is associated to the regional project TEP-2279 of the Andalusian Government and has been endowed with 4,000 EUR for these expenses.

The main goal of the project was to acquire a relatively low-cost mobile manipulator robot that serves to implement several lines of research on cognitive robotics. Most part of the project in its initial time frame dealt with setting up both the software and hardware of the robot and implementing tools that boost future research. After that, we are advancing in implementing diverse cognitive processes.