Our paper “Aplicaciones de una garra robótica adaptativa con dedos rotativos”, presented in the “XLIV Jornadas de Automática 2023” in Zaragoza (Spain), has been selected as one of the 6 top papers in the Robotics theme group, and finally as the best one among those presented by researchers of that group.

In that paper, we summarize the main work carried out on this research project. This is the abstract in English:

Industrial automation has made possible to commercialize a wide range of products while reducing their manufacturing cost.
Robot manipulators have played an essential role in this revolution; however, despite their success, the flexibility of the end effectors
still has room for improvement, in particular regarding the agile industry that is currently envisaged in the European context. In this
paper we present the results of the design and implementation of a prototype of a robotic gripper with rolling fingers that can also
grasp, which allows the position of grasped objects to be shifted. The implications of this design can be very important, ranging
from collaborative assembly tasks where multiple arms are currently used, which could be done by just one arm by shifting the
grasping point, to the manipulation of non-rigid components in a safe way. In this paper we describe the fingers with active surfaces,
the gripper where they have been mounted, and the experiments performed to demonstrate their utility.