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Welcome to the BABEL Development Site v3.0

The BABEL Development System is a programming language / operating system neutral framework for creating complex software applications with the focus in coping with heterogeneity (typically, very different program code produced by different people to manage diverse software and hardware devices). It was born in the robotics domain, where heterogeneity is of the uttermost importance, particularly in today's large scale and long-term projects.

This framework is being developed since 1996 at the System Engineering and Automation Department of the University of Málaga [1] and it's aimed to cover several aspects of the robotic software lifecycle, such as the design, validation, debugging, implementation, testing, and manteinance phases.

Specifications and Tools

The current components of BABEL are:

  • The Aracne specification, which covers the design stage of development. Currently it is being extended and transformed into the H specification language.
  • Babel.png The BABEL Module Designer, a visual tool for designing the components (modules) of the application. It also covers the implementation by generating semi-automatically the source code of those components.
  • Console.png The BABEL Generator, a command-line tool for generating the implementations without visual aids.
  • Em.png The BABEL Execution Manager, a visual tool for managing all the components of an application in a possibly networked system from a centralized location. It is able to launch the programs and collect the logs produced by execution.
  • D.png The BABEL Debugger, a visual tool for examining the time logs produced by the application and therefore detecting possible flaws and requirement unsatisfaction.
  • Babelsite.png The BABEL Development Site [2], a web site for maintainance of the system.

Site navigation

Within this site you can find all the tools and documentation produced for Babel. We also maintain here (restricted) a repository of the software modules developed with our system for our robotic applications.

On your left you can see different sections:

  • The BABEL System. It contains documentation of the different components of the BABEL Development System.
  • BABEL Documentation. All the documentation we currently have for our system (appart from the scientific publications, that you can find in the main page of BABEL)
  • Robotic Software Development. In this section you can find general information about the development of robotic software.


logdownloads.php?u=jafma_personales&t=html&f=BABELwiki.gif Note: This site is always under maintenance, so we apologize for not all the information being available at a given time.