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In this section you can download the lattest versions of the BABEL Development Site. Currently they are distributed as binaries for Windows platforms. Work on shifting to open-source multi-platform distribution is in progress.

BABEL v0.39.1 Endymion

BABEL v0.39.0 Endymion

BABEL v0.38-free Hyperion

The most intensively tested configuration of the BABEL tools in our research laboratory: Hyperion (C++, ACE5.1+TAO1.1, Win32). With this version, you can design, implement, and test robotic applications with all the functionality of BABEL.

This compilation also includes the MRPT robotic programming library and the ACE5.1+TAO1.1 free implementation of CORBA as the communication platform. The MRPT version included in this file is v0.5.1. For more information on updating that version to new MRPTs, please visit the | MRPT site.

The downloadable file contains the brief installation manual in PDF format.

Robot simulation kit

A zip file containing several modules to test the BABEL free version. These modules simulate a mobile robot and permit the user to command simple movement actions and produce log files.

'IMPORTANT NOTE:' Some problems have been found with this kit in the newer versions of BABEL (v0.39 and later). It is recommended to not use this kit in those versions: they contain their own kits appropriately tested.

Brief installation instructions

This is a brief installation manual for the most common configuration of the BABEL tools.