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In this section you can download the lattest versions of the BABEL Development Site. Currently they are distributed as binaries for Windows platforms. Work on shifting to open-source multi-platform distribution is in progress.

BABEL v0.39.1 Endymion

BABEL v0.39.0 Endymion

BABEL v0.38-free Hyperion

The most intensively tested configuration of the BABEL tools in our research laboratory: Hyperion (C++, ACE5.1+TAO1.1, Win32). With this version, you can design, implement, and test robotic applications with all the functionality of BABEL.

This compilation also includes the MRPT robotic programming library and the ACE5.1+TAO1.1 free implementation of CORBA as the communication platform. The MRPT version included in this file is v0.5.1. For more information on updating that version to new MRPTs, please visit the MRPT site.

The downloadable file contains the brief installation manual in PDF format.

Robot simulation kit

A zip file containing several modules to test the BABEL free version. These modules simulate a mobile robot and permit the user to command simple movement actions and produce log files.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Some problems have been found with this kit in the newer versions of BABEL (v0.39 and later). It is recommended to not use this kit in those versions: they contain their own kits appropriately tested.

Brief installation instructions

This is a brief installation manual for the most common configuration of the BABEL tools.