Architecture:Specification of BABEL Modules

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This page contains detailed information about a collection of modules and their role in the control architecture. The complete list of modules available for download is available here.

Layer 1: HAD Modules

Module (ICE) name Description Implemented Driver Interfaces
HAD_MobileBase_Pioneer Driver for the Pioneer3 DX/AT mobile bases, through a COM serial port and the ARIA library. DRV_WHEELS_MOBILE_BASE, DRV_IOBOARD, DRV_BATTERY_LEVEL
HAD_MobileBase_Simulator A simulated 2D mobile base. DRV_IOBOARD, DRV_WHEELS_MOBILE_BASE, DRV_2D_RANGE_SCANNER
HAD_Laser_Sick_USB Driver for the SICK laser range scanner via RS422-USB board. Hw version is JLBC/APR-05. DRV_2D_RANGE_SCANNER
HAD_Laser_Hokuyo Driver for the HOKUYO laser range scanner via a COM serial port. DRV_2D_RANGE_SCANNER
HAD_GPS Driver for COM-connected GPSs. DRV_GPS
HAD_GasSensors Driver for the custom-built e-Noses (Hardware Feb-2007). DRV_GAS_SENSOR
HAD_Generic_Camera Driver for any OpenCV/FFmpeg/Bumblebee camera (any camera supported by MRPT's CCameraSensor). DRV_CAMERA_SENSOR

Layer 2: SD Modules