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This guide describes how to update the version of the MRPT toolkit which is included in the BABEL development kit. The most recent version of MRPT can be always found here.

The following applies to the current (May 2008) version of BABEL (Hyperion, v0.38).



  • Download the latest version of BABEL from here.
  • Download the latest version of MRPT, or update your local copy if using SVN.

  • Generate the Visual Studio 6 project files following the building instructions, taking into account:
    • When asked for the compiler, remember to select Visual Studio 6.
    • Remember to enable the CMake switch "MRPT_BUILD_HWDRIVERS".
    • Select "DISABLE_WXWIDGETS" to ON (wxWidgets does not compile under Visual Studio 6...).
  • Go to the binary directory (by default MRPT/makefiles/MSVC6), open the project MRPT_ALL.dsw. For both configurations "Debug" and "Release", compile the projects "MRPT" and "hwdrivers".

Integration into the BABEL tree

  • Libraries
    • Go to BABEL\codegeneration\WindowsACE51TAO11CPP\MRPT, and replace all the .lib files by those generated in your binary directory (e.g. MRPT/makefiles/MSVC6/), in /lib/release and /lib/debug. If a .lib appears in both directories with the same name, keep the release version.
  • Headers
    • Go to BABEL\codegeneration\WindowsACE51TAO11CPP\MRPT\MRPT.
    • Replace "config.h" by the new file in your binary directory, in "include/MRPT-config/win32/MRPT/config.h".
    • From the MRPT source directory, copy the entire directories:
      • /include/MRPT/UTILS
      • /include/MRPT/MRML
      • /include/MRPT/MRVL
      • /include/MRPT/OTHERLIBS
      • /apps/lib_hwdrivers/ (actually only the .h files of this directory are required).
    • Note for SVN users: To avoid copying all the hiden ".svn" directories, you can use the TortoiseSVN menu "Export" to generate a copy of any MRPT subdirectory free of ".svn" directories. You can also just copy the directories, then manually delete all the ".svn" directories.

That's all.


After generating new BABEL modules with the new MRPT version, it can be confirmed by looking at the debug messages displayed at BABEL startup:

Babel mrpt version.jpg