The Module Designer

From The BABEL Development Site

Babel.png The BABEL Module Designer is currently a visual tool for the Windows OSes for designing the components (modules) of a (possibly) distributed, heterogeneous robotic application. It also covers the implementation by generating semi-automatically the source code of those components.

Currently, we provide a free version (downloadable from the BABEL Development Site) of the Module Designer that also includes the Execution Manager, the Debugger and a number of robotic modules for testing. In particular, this free version implements an automatic code generation, called Hyperion, that enables to write modules in C++. It also includes the ACE 5.1 + TAO 1.1 CORBA implementation as the communication platform and the MRPT robotic toolkit.

Updating the Module Designer with the latest release of the MRPT

The free version of the Module Designer does not only include the Hyperion generator, but also the possibility of using the MRPT toolkit, a set of C++ libraries for common problems in robotics (SLAM, perception, navigation, etc.). We have a short tutorial on updating the free version of the Module Designer with the latest release of the MRPT.