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In this section you can download the latest versions of the BABEL Development Site. Currently they are distributed as binaries for Windows platforms. Work on shifting to open-source multi-platform distribution is in progress.

BABEL v0.39.1 Endymion

The same version as v0.39.0 but with some bugs fixed and a different way of dealing with external libraries, more consistent with the BABEL specification: now the MRPT, OpenCV and wxWidget are no longer included in the download file, and must be installed in the machine that generates the code if they are needed. Also, they must be included in the "non-portable design" part of the module in order for the generator to work properly.


  • It has been tested in Windows 7 (32 bits). You must download or copy from the babelv0391_endymion directory to the C:\Windows\System32 folder the msvbvm50.dll, mswinsck.ocx, mscomctl.ocx, comdlg32.ocx and richtx32.ocx and register them as administrator in the system with the command line program regsvr32. If you find any other dll or ocx missing, the procedure is the same.
  • It has been tested with VS2008 Professional.
  • Many ice modules delivered in the examples folder use the MRPT. You will need to install a version >= 0.9.5 (and compile the Release libs), and also the OpenCV and wxWidgets toolkits before compiling the code generated by BABEL for those modules (please refer to the respective web pages for more detailed information).
Download it

BABEL v0.39.0 Endymion

The free version of the BABEL Development System for Win32 platforms that supports the following code generators: Endymion (W32+ACE51TAO11+VC++2008), Hyperion (W32+ACE51TAO11+VC++6), Iapetus (JAVA+OpenORB -experimental-), and Cryo (HTML report generator).

It is also shipped with the MRPT toolkit, the WxWidget libraries and the OpenCV libraries, and includes three sample applications.

Apart from the new generators, the system is used the same as the Hyperion 0.38 version.


  • Uncompress the files in a path that does not contain spaces or special characters.
  • Do not use spaces or special characters in any of the path you create for generating modules.
  • It has been tested in Windows NT, 2000, XP and Vista. In Windows Vista you must download the msvbvm50.dll and register it in the system with the command line program regsvr32, or maybe just copy it into the BABEL base directory. If you find any other dll missing, the procedure is the same.
  • It has been tested with VC++6.0 in Win NT and XP.
  • It has been tested with VS2008 Professional and Express in Win XP and Vista.
Download it

BABEL v0.38-free Hyperion

The most intensively tested configuration of the BABEL tools in our research laboratory: Hyperion (C++, ACE5.1+TAO1.1, Win32). With this version, you can design, implement, and test robotic applications with all the functionality of BABEL.

This compilation also includes the MRPT robotic programming library and the ACE5.1+TAO1.1 free implementation of CORBA as the communication platform. The MRPT version included in this file is v0.5.1. For more information on updating that version to new MRPTs, please visit the MRPT site.

The downloadable file contains the brief installation manual in PDF format.

Download it

Robot simulation kit

A zip file containing several modules to test the BABEL free version. These modules simulate a mobile robot and permit the user to command simple movement actions and produce log files.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Some problems have been found with this kit in the newer versions of BABEL (v0.39 and later). It is recommended to not use this kit in those versions: they contain their own kits appropriately tested.

Download it

Brief installation instructions

This is a brief installation manual the BABEL v.0.38. More updated information can be found in the others section of this web.

Download it