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Over the years, a diversity of people has used, tested or contributed in heterogeneous forms to the development of the BABEL tools. This below is the complete list in reverse chronological order. Since in BABEL, heterogeneity in developers is consider as important as any other kind of heterogenity, their academic level when they worked with the system is also annotated.

If any one is missing, the guilt lays only with the responsible .

  • Ángel Martínez Tenor (PhD student, Industrial Engineering).
  • Ana Gago-Benítez (PhD student, Telecommunication Engineering).
  • José-Luis Blanco-Claraco (PhD student, Telecommunication Engineering).
  • Francisco Moreno-Dueñas (PhD student, Telecommunication Engineering).
  • Luis-Miguel Molina-Alarcón (Bachelor thesis student, Computer Science).
  • Amy Loufti (PhD Computer Science).
  • Ana Cruz-Martín (PhD in Computer Science).
  • Elena Cruz-Martín (Master thesis student, Telecommunication engineering).
  • Vicente Arévalo-Espejo (PhD student, Computer Science).
  • Marcos Rodríguez-Romero (Bachelor thesis student, Computer Science).
  • José-Manuel Álvarez-Mateos (Bachelor thesis student, Computer Science).
  • Miguel-Ángel Olivares-Méndez (Bachelor thesis student, Computer Science).
  • Carlos Pérez-Sanjuan (Master thesis student, Computer Science).
  • Juan-Ramón Jiménez-Galán (Bachelor thesis student, Computer Science).
  • Óscar Moreno-Gómez (Bachelor thesis student, Computer Science).
  • Cipriano Galindo-Andrades (PhD student, Computer Science).
  • Rosa Muñoz-Martínez (Master thesis student, Computer Science).
  • Salvador Pedraza-Moreno (PhD student, Industrial Engineering).
  • Raquel Fernández-Ramos (PhD student, Telecomunication Engineering).
  • Javier González-Jiménez (PhD in Industrial Engineering).
  • Juan-Antonio Fernández-Madrigal (PhD student, Computer Science).