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Event Codes

Events are a form of asynchronous communications between modules allowed by the BABEL framework. Each event is represented by a symbolic name within each module, but nothing avoids two programmers to accidentally set the same value for different events.

To avoid such problems, please, use and update these tables to ensure that event IDs remain unique.

Normalized events for HAD modules

Module name Code for onNewObservation events
HAD_Laser_Hokuyo:0-3 1205:1208 (on new laser scan)
HAD_MobileBase_Simulator 1210 (on new laser scan)
HAD_MobileBase_Pioneer 1215 (on new sonar data)

Normalized events for modules with the standardized "Common Sensory IF"

Module name Code for onNewObservation events Code for onFailure events
BS_RangeSensors 10051006
BS_GPS 10101011
BS_GasSensors1015 1016
BS_Vision1020 1021
BS_Batteries1025 1026
SD_HumanRobotInterfaces 1500 1501
SD_PeopleDetector 1505 1506
SD_Local3DMap 1510 1511
SD_VisualLandmarks3D 1515 1516
SD_HumanRobotInterfaces 1520 1521

Normalized events for modules with standardized "Function Executor IF"

Note that an event is raised whether the action finished successfully or by an error: the module should be asked for the termination state after the reception of a termination event:

Module name Code for onActionTermination events
BA_Speech 2000
FE_HumanRobotInterfaces 2500
FE_ReactiveNavigation 60: End Navigation
70: Error navigation
80: Start navigation
FE_PathFollowing 2510
FE_DoorOpening 2515


Module name Event code
Localization_Publisher 6000 (On new estimate available)
Localization_PF 6005 (On new estimate available)