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Data types defined in BABEL::COMMON

<cpp> /*

BABEL IDL file automatically generated by BABEL v03.700 accompanying the ICE module server_traker (C) Juan Antonio Fernández Madrigal, 2000-2004

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module BABEL { interface COMMON { /* --------------------- Pre-definitions ------------------------ */ struct ParamValue { string param; string value; }; typedef sequence<ParamValue> SeqOfParamValuePairs;

typedef sequence<string> SeqOfStrings;

typedef sequence<octet> SeqOfBytes; typedef sequence<boolean> SeqOfBools;

typedef sequence<float> SeqOfFloats; typedef sequence<double> SeqOfDoubles;

typedef sequence<short> SeqOfShorts; typedef sequence<unsigned short> SeqOfUShorts; typedef sequence<long> SeqOfLongs; typedef sequence<unsigned long> SeqOfULongs;

typedef sequence<unsigned long long> SeqOfULongLongs;

// Points, poses and matrices typedef double TMatrix33[3][3]; typedef double TMatrix44[4][4]; typedef double TPose2D[3]; typedef double TPose3D[6]; typedef double TPoint2D[2]; typedef double TPoint3D[3]; typedef sequence<TPoint2D> SeqOfPoints2D; typedef sequence<TPoint3D> SeqOfPoints3D;

// Number of 100-nanosecond intervals since January 1, 1601 (UTC). typedef unsigned long long TTimeStamp;

}; // End of interface

}; // End of module