Port a ACE+TAO-5.6

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ACE+TAO-5.6 compilado con VS2008:


Warnings y terminaciones ".i":

   tao_idl.exe -Cw -w  -ci C.i -si S.i <IDL>

Lanzar Servidores:

Naming_Service -m 0 -ORBListenEndpoints iiop://localhost:20000
CosEvent_Service -ORBInitRef NameService=corbaloc:iiop:localhost:20000

Cambios en BABEL.IDL:



BABEL IDL file automatically generated by BABEL v#JMS-MACRO(BABELversion,)# accompanying the ICE module #JMS-MACRO(ICEname,)# (C) Juan Antonio Fernández Madrigal, 2000-2007 www.isa.uma.es/personal/jafma

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module BABEL { // Internal types for module management

struct Time // A time { long seconds; // seconds long microseconds; // microseconds };

struct EnteringInfo // Data automatically sent when entering a logic { Time timewhensent; // Time when the data was sent, from some local-machine past instant Time timewhenanswer; // Time when the data was returned back long priosender; // CORBA priority of the sender thread };

struct BetaEventData // Data sent along with a beta event { long EventCode; // Code of the beta event string appname; // Name of the application context for the event string orgname; // Name of the module that generates the event EnteringInfo babelinfo; // Data automatically sent };

// All the simple types included in BDL:

typedef octet Octet; typedef short Short; typedef unsigned short UShort; typedef long Long; typedef unsigned long ULong; typedef long long LongLong; typedef unsigned long long ULongLong; typedef float Float; typedef double Double; typedef char Char; typedef boolean Boolean;

// String special types

typedef string String;

// BDL built-in constants const boolean False= FALSE; const boolean True= TRUE;

}; // End of module