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Installation of BABEL

BABEL package

To install the BABEL development system (currently available for Windows only), go to the main BABEL website:

And download the latest BABEL release (as of this writting, BABEL - Endymion v0.39). Uncompress this file anywhere on your system, as long as its path does not contain spaces, for instance, 'c:\BABEL'.

Environment variable: PATH

For usage of the latest generator for Visual Studio 2008, you must add these directories to your system PATH variable:

<YOUR PROGRAM FILES>/Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0/Common7/IDE
<YOUR PROGRAM FILES>/Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0/VC/bin/

Installing library dependencies

A BABEL module may have non-portable software dependencies, which means that the target system must have some pre-installed software library in order to compile and/or execute the module.

We enumerate next the libraries used by some of these modules, among instructions for installing them.


Easiest way:

Download the installer packages for OpenCV 1.0.0 or OpenCV 1.1.0 from:

Recommended way:

To enjoy of the latest version of OpenCV, check out a SVN snapshot (install TortoiseSVN) from:

And follow the compiling instructions to generate the project files using CMake, then compile everything in Release and Debug.

Remember to add these directories to your system PATH:


Only if you have opted to compile opencv from sources, it is highly recommended to create an environment variable:


in order to help CMake to always find the correct version of OpenCV.


Recommended way:

If you don't want/need to compile MRPT from sources, just download the latest installer package ("Precompiled packages") from:

Only if you need/have to hack MRPT sources:

Compile MRPT as explained here.

Remember to add these directories to your system PATH: